Herbal Renewal Incense: Natural Lavender & Rosemary Essential Oil

A relaxing combination of essential oils is used in Herbal Incense. To create an uplifting perfume that transports the bounty of the witch’s garden to your house, calming lavender combines with revitalizing rosemary. Use this incense to reduce tension or re-establish consciousness. Inhale stillness and knowledge and exhale anxiety and hesitation as you drift off into a daydream. You’ll experience increased vigor and an eagerness to take action.

Do you enjoy the incense’s smokey, seductive mystique but detest the headache it causes? A whole selection of All-Natural, Essential Oil based, Air-Purifying Incense is offered by Sea Witch Botanicals.

Features of Herbal Incense Renewal:

  1. Aroma profile of rosemary and lavender
  2. associated with Swords, the Heart Chakra, the East, and the Air (tarot)
  3. horoscope signs Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra
  4. packed in a recyclable box are 20 incense sticks.
  5. Eco-sets with 50 pieces arrive in a compostable bag.

Ingredients of Herbal Incense Renewal:

Essential oils of lavender and rosemary, charcoal, natural resins, bamboo sticks, and hand-painted with organic paint made from clay.

Made from plants, not plastics.

Our incense mixtures are unique in that they exclusively use genuine essential oils. We never use artificial, petroleum-based scents that release phthalates and parabens into the air in your house. These endocrine disruptors can harm the natural hormone levels in our bodies, leading to a variety of immediate and long-term problems. Yuck!

We think it’s important to maintain the air we breathe and our waterways clean. Our incense sticks are manufactured with bamboo-derived activated charcoal, which purifies the air as you burn incense. They are made without any chemical preservatives or synthetic perfumes. We utilize 100% plant-based, clay-based paint for the sticks.

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